8/9/2010 - Infinite Media Launches IM LMS v.3

Toronto, ON - Today, Infinite Media, an integrated digital agency, announced the launch of Infinite Media Learning Management System (IM LMS) – a web-based solution offering learners the ability to access training anyplace, anytime, and at their own pace. The IM LMS role-based learning environment is robust, flexible, and customizable to meet specific client needs, and the technology allows clients to leverage existing eLearning content and maximize return on their training investment. Built-in detailed reporting, analytics, and surveying tools capture the learner experience and provide extensive metrics for business analysis.

IM LMS incorporates a new version of IM Presenter – Infinite Media’s revolutionary web application for rapid content delivery and deployment. Server-based content can then be enriched with new media elements, as IM Presenter allows site administers to record and post video/audio announcements, and to integrate other assets (Word, Excel, PDFs and Flash) with the first stage content already created in PowerPoint.  Using a webcam, IM Presenter allows critical messaging to be distributed as dynamic communication pieces – as fast as you can create a PowerPoint slide and record yourself against it. With IM Presenter, rich media content can be developed rapidly and distributed securely – to the right people at the right time.

The IM LMS is modular and has all the functions you would expect from full-scale LMS. The interface was designed with the end-user in mind; key functions are intuitively displayed, readily available, and accessibility is ensured for everyone. Additionally, branding and customizing the interface to reflect the look and feel of your organization is easily achieved.

“We are extremely excited about the third release of our IM LMS,” said Brad Sellors, Managing Director, Infinite Media. “The integration of the IM Presenter tool and Infinite Media’s Knowledge Management components ensure simple but powerful tools are easily available for our customers.”

Infinite Media has successfully implemented versions of the IM LMS for several clients, including GE, Allstream, Xerox, Accenture, Softchoice and WIND Mobile. For more in-depth information about the benefits of the IM LMS, please visit To test a demo version, please visit

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