InfiniteKM Provides the Tools to Accelerate Results

InfiniteKM is a cloud based sales and service enablement platform supporting channel sales and contact centers. Our platform helps clients sell more and service better by empowering channels, colleague, and customer engagement.

Organizations embrace the platform to gain insight into their operations, enabling teams to adapt and succeed in today's fast-paced markets.

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InfiniteKM is Knowledge Management for Customer Experience; the cloud-based platform supports financial services by mobilizing teams with the right knowledge to provide the best experience to end customers. The InfiniteKM platform is optimized for mobile devices as well as desktop so both your internal and external teams have the knowledge to keep pace with pricing, policy, and procedure changes as well as technological advances.

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Knowledge Management (KM): Tools to Accelerate Business Results




InfiniteKM provides cloud-based software to help the world's leading brands deliver incredible experiences to their clients, increase sales, and provide leadership with valuable insights for continuous improvement.

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Employee Engagement and Time Savings
  • IDC Reports state that employees spend 18.5% of their time searching for information and that these searches are successful less than 50% of the time. This means an employee is losing almost a whole day a week.
  • The Infinite KM Platform will reduce this search time dramatically and provide the necessary analytics to enable further refinement and increase the speed at which information is gathered and distributed. Cost savings on search alone per employee can be as high as $12,000 per employee per year based on an average salary of $75,000 (Source: IDC's Information Worker Productivity Survey)
  • Infinite Media has shown, through deployments of the platform, a 67% decrease in the amount of searching done by employees. This is a result of the role-based organization and presentation of documents and information to each employee

Communication Tools
  • Research shows that it takes 64 seconds after an email interruption for staff to refocus and get back into the work they were doing before the interruption
  •  The Infinite KM Platform has a wide range of internal communication channels to help maximize the effectiveness and value of internal communications. Using the built in video and presentation tools for communication consumes 80% less time than reading the equivalent ‘All Staff’ emails
  • “Companies with effective internal communications have a 15.7% higher market value and deliver 29% higher shareholder return” (Watson Wyatt’s worldwide study; 2011)

Enterprise Performance Management

“… An [Enterprise Performance Management] EPM system with strong reporting capabilities is a critical enabler for the Best in Class (companies) by enabling leaders and managers to make better decisions…” (Aberdeen Group, 2011)
“Most of the companies agree that systemically deriving KPIs from their strategy and effectively communicating that strategy are crucial to ensuring strategic objectives are met” (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2010)
“ Corporate performance management (CPM) is the highest priority in business intelligence (BI)…” (Gartner, 2010)
‘’….through 2012, at least 50% of companies implementing CPM will simply automate existing finance oriented processes and fail to improve performance management processes across the organization.” (Gartner, 2010)


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